Emergency Sessions

For when you’re in creative crisis


"Kerri’s sessions are difficult to describe but elemental to experience. Usually cathartic, always clarifying, my sessions with Kerri have had an almost magical effect -- one of unifying mind, body, and spirit; developing trust in intuition; and imagining and actualizing a free, un-fearful expression of self. Kerri acts as both guide and witness, creating safe space for catharsis and growth. This practice is a wonder."  – Michaela Morton, Actor/Real Estate Agent


When my bandmate + lover left our duo project and I had to play our EP release alone…

When my throat started hurting whenever I sang and the doctor couldn’t help me…

When my writing teacher unknowingly shook my confidence on the book I was working on and I gave up on finishing it…

When I thought it was a good idea to launch two podcasts and a group coaching program within one month of one another and burned myself out…

When I got way too vulnerable in some real time video diaries and hurt my family’s feelings right before my wedding…

When I didn’t get on stage or share my art seriously for over a year…

These are situations in which I could have used (aka, desperately needed) some creative + emotional support. 

These are the moments of creative crisis when I wish I could have had an emergency session.


"Working with Kerri was a moving and powerful experience. I didn’t know what to expect, and Kerri put me at ease right away. I trusted her completely with the experience. I was surprisingly moved during the session, with Kerri tapping into parts of my life and way of moving through the world were so accurate, and brought those into crystalized form for me to address.

I am more peaceful now. I also see a way to move forward with new ideas and insights into how my future can be different. I don’t need to be stuck in my old patterns, and Kerri helped me see this." - Maria Fadiman, Professor and TEDx Speaker


What is it?

Universal Health Principles™ is a healing modality unlike any other because the healer is actually YOU. 

Let me explain.

Universal Health Principles™sessions are based on the #1 principle of health, a universal law that applies to us all, which is: The Body Can Heal Itself.

How is that possible?

Well, here's an example. What happens when you cut your finger?

First, it might bleed, or hurt, but eventually, the blood clots and...

It begins to heal. 

Within a few days, or a week, you have brand new skin that has perfectly covered up the injury, integrating seamlessly with the rest of you. 

How did that happen? Did you make it happen? Did you tell your white blood cells to scan the area to take care of any possible infection? Did you give a signal to yourself to start making new skin cells and send them to your finger?

No, of course not. 

It just gets taken care of. 

This is how your body's innate healing system works. It knows everything that needs to happen in order to heal. 

So why doesn't this work for your headaches? Your chronic pain? Your insomnia? Digestive issues? Low energy?

Well, healing a small cut on a finger is fairly simple in the scheme of things, but many of our symptoms are more complex. They involve emotional or psychological trauma, or are happening under times of intense stress, like losing a loved one, getting divorced, switching jobs or careers, or even a big (happy!) life event like getting married or going to college. 

In addition, being in the "fight or flight" state of worry and anxiety more often than absolutely necessary (as most of us are) also compromises the body's innate healing system.

So what's the solution?

1. Bringing you into a parasympathetic (resting, relaxed) state where the body can heal itself.

2. Asking the body where communication is ready to improve. This might mean processing stuck emotions from past events, changing the images or beliefs we have about the body and ourselves, or hearing what a specific body part wants to say to us. 

By relaxing and bringing parts of ourselves to awareness that we have previously been unable or unwilling to look at, we can create the optimal state of being for our body to do the work of healing itself. 


*Kerri UHP eyes closed copy.jpg

How does it work?

Your first session is a bit longer (75 minutes) so we have time to get to know each other and really drop into the experience. Sessions generally take place over online video (Zoom platform) unless we have a special NYC arrangement.

Remote sessions are just as powerful as in-person sessions, so don't worry about effectiveness. Many clients prefer online because it makes it so easy! 

During a session, you'll lie down and relax, (or sit if you prefer). I will "tune into" your body and ask where communication is ready to improve. We do this because communication is the basis of a healthy creative flow. If everything inside of you is communicating clearly, then you can make connections, take risks and work from a place of power, trusting in yourself and the creative process. This is how we are as children before all the social conditioning, shaming, rules and judgments come in - and why we could create so easily back then.

What those rules and shame and judgment cause within us is stress and fear. When we go into fear, we move into the fight or flight (sympathetic) nervous system. In this state, our body cannot heal itself. Not physically, emotionally, energetically - or any other way! It’s focused on survival, not flow.

If you ever studied Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs in school, you know that survival does not lend itself to self-actualization, personal growth or creativity. So what we’re doing is getting you out of flight or flight and restoring you to a place where the higher levels of connection and consciousness are possible.

I use a process of biofeedback through my wrist to find places in you where stress has caused communication to break down. By bringing these places into awareness, processing the emotions that are ready to be processed, and bringing in new, expansive images and belief systems, we create a state of being where your energy, brilliance, and ease can shine through again.

Once the body has communicated it’s wisdom, we "tap out" the links. I will guide you through tapping over your head and heart while breathing and connecting within.

Sessions are relaxing, gentle and safe. Nothing comes up in a session that your body is not ready to process, so you don't have to worry about being overwhelmed or nervous. Every session is completely unique and unfolds based on what YOU are ready for. 

What does it cost?

The first session is longer for your comfort and to have time to set the stage for a deeper connection. It lasts 75 minutes (rather than my regular 50 minute session.) You can book your first session here at the rate of $100. 

If we haven't spoken previously, or you'd like to connect before booking your first session, I have several online intro sessions available each week. You can learn more/book those here.

Though you will experience shifts and insights in just one session, I recommend continuing sessions in a group or 1-on-1 capacity for at least three months. This allows more permanent shifts to take place.

After your first session, I will give you a range of options for continuing based on what you've told me.  Some people choose to do one-off sessions every month or two, others benefit from a package of sessions, and some clients move into one of my group programs, or a 1-on-1 creative coaching program that includes this kind of work.

Want to talk about your specific situation? Send me an email at kerri@kaylocreative.com.


Three sessions and I have a much better understanding of the connection between body, mind, and environment. Kerri’s intuition, creativity, and UHP techniques have led to some fascinating questions and conclusions that have increased my ability to channel inspiration into my art.
— Christopher M., violinist and composer
I’ve been experiencing ongoing muscle spasms in my right shoulder, due to a car crash that occurred a couple of months ago. At their worst, they are debilitating. During this most recent spasm, Kerri suggested that we have a UHP Session. As soon as we started, I felt Kerri’s grounded and calm energy at work in my body. She described the pathways of communication that my body uses to heal itself with care, detail, and accuracy. I found that not only was her session healing and effective, but it was also interesting and fun. By the end of the hour, my pain was significantly reduced, and I was clearly more aligned— my back muscles had released my shoulder blade to the point that it was almost even to the left. I also found that I’d learned a great deal about my personal path to healing, and the physical and emotional implications embedded in that process. Kerri even followed up with me the next day with some further information and exercises that I could do to continue healing.

I’m so grateful to Kerri for the work she did with me, and whole-heartedly recommend her and this practice for anyone who is seeking help with a specific injury or illness, or to anyone who is interested in learning more about how their body heals itself and how to strengthen that process more generally.
— Celina Chapin, Los Angeles, CA. - Choreographer

I had a very important surgery coming up and I invested in a UHP session with Kerri to help me process through all of my feelings anticipating the procedure. I was feeling a lot of fear and sadness. She was able to tune in to some of the key themes that my body, heart and mind were experiencing. She gave me some touching insights to contemplate during the session. I ended up journaling and meditating on these insights daily up until my surgery date. The experience of the surgery was incredibly healing and I felt so safe and supported because of all the mindful care that had been taken in preparing myself for the big day.

I am deeply grateful to Kerri for holding a gentle space for the processing of emotion and the openness to follow her intuition and communicate to me about what she was observing in connection with our energies. My experiences with her has shown me that she’s deeply committed to this work, a highly attuned practitioner and a skillfully articulate communicator. I look forward to our next session.
— Virginia W., Fremont, CA (New mother)

You can book your first session here.