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"UHP is difficult to describe but elemental to experience. Usually cathartic, always clarifying, my sessions with Kerri have had an almost magical effect -- one of unifying mind, body, and spirit; developing trust in intuition; and imagining and actualizing a free, un-fearful expression of self. Kerri acts as both guide and witness, creating safe space for catharsis and growth. This practice is a wonder."  – Michaela Morton, Actor/Real Estate Agent


"Working with Kerri was a moving and powerful experience. I didn’t know what to expect, and Kerri put me at ease right away. I trusted her completely with the experience. I was surprisingly moved during the session, with Kerri tapping into parts of my life and way of moving through the world were so accurate, and brought those into crystalized form for me to address.

I am more peaceful now. I also see a way to move forward with new ideas and insights into how my future can be different. I don’t need to be stuck in my old patterns, and Kerri helped me see this." - Maria Fadiman, Professor and TEDx Speaker

“Kerri taps into power insights and uncovers them in ways that open up new ideas and possibilities. I wasn't sure if I was the kind of person that would benefit from UHP and now I feel optimistic about my inner life thanks to Kerri.” - Anonymous


What is it?

Universal Health Principles™ is a healing modality unlike any other I’ve experienced. It helped me so much that I had to learn how to do it. Luckily, I found that I had a gift and a passion for it. I love giving UHP sessions *almost* as much as I love receiving them!

Here’s the overview:

Through a process of biofeedback, I can connect to your energy system and identify specific subconscious beliefs, fears, thoughts, and emotions that could be holding you back around your business, creativity, relationships, bank account, health, etc. (It’s all connected, really!)

Once we know what's going on subconsciously, I then guide you into tapping over head and heart, connecting to your emotions and going inward. By taking the time to bring these things to consciousness and shift the emotion around them, they lose their power over you, and you can begin to notice differences in your life and perspective right away. 

It's a gentle yet powerful way to do some deep work and help you get out of your own way, connecting you back into your essence so you can take action from a place of alignment, trust and power. 

ie: you’ve still gotta take action to change your life, but doing so will feel a lot easier.


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I Need Details!

Your first session is a bit longer (75 minutes) so we have time to get to know each other and really drop into the experience. Sessions take place either in person at my Crown Heights office, or remotely using online video. 

Remote sessions are just as powerful as in-person sessions, so don't worry about effectiveness when choosing what's best for you. 

During a session, you'll lie down and relax if in person, or find your chosen comfortable position if we’re online. I will "tune into" your body and ask where communication is ready to improve. We do this because communication is the basis of health. If everything inside of you is communicating clearly, then your symptoms can improve from the inside-out. What I'm finding are places in you (physically, emotionally, etc.) where stress has caused communication to break down. By bringing these places into awareness, processing what needs to be processed, and bringing in new, healthy images for the way your body is communicating, we create a state of being where your body can heal itself. 

I will pull on your wrist to receive the biofeedback that guides the session. If we are working remotely, I will use my wrist instead of yours (again, it's just as effective!) 

Once the body has communicated everything that is ready to improve, then we will "tap out" the links. I will tap over your head and heart while guiding you through breathing, connecting within and allowing your body to heal itself. 

Sessions are relaxing, gentle and safe. Nothing comes up in a session that your body is not ready to process, so you don't have to worry about being overwhelmed or nervous. Every session is completely unique and unfolds based on what YOU are ready for. UHP sessions can address health issues, relationship patterns, creative or business blocks, scarcity thinking and spiritual disconnection or lack of optimism and joy.

What does it cost?

I have a variety of options for UHP sessions. Though you will experience shifts and insights in just one session, I recommend continued UHP sessions for a deeper shift or to really change your brain. Regular sessions allow more permanent shifts to take place and for your body to trust that you are there for it, knowing that there are more opportunities ahead for it to be listened to.

Want to talk about your specific situation? Send me an email at kerri@kaylocreative.com.

More Testimonials

I recently had a UHP session with Kerri that was so healing and transformative for where I am currently in my life. UHP was a new healing modality for me at the time and I was unsure of what to expect. The session ended up being exactly what I needed in that exact moment and made me realize how many things I had running around my subconscious mind. Things came up I didn’t even realize needed a healing. I left the session feeling lighter and inspired. Kerri was very informative, sweet and easy to work with. She has such kind heart and spirit about her.
— Chelsea Jeheber, Spiritual Mentor

My UHP session with Kerri was amazing. I felt totally safe and relaxed. As she began to communicate with my body she found old wounds that needed clearing, limiting beliefs that needed to be released as well as joy to align with. After the session I felt a surge of creative ideas. I felt lifted and clearer. The combination of UHP with Kerri as your guide is an invaluable healing tool that is well worth your time.
— Linda Bonadies, Songwriter and Mother

Sessions with Kerri are always mind blowing and empowering. They result in relief on a deep cellular level and a lasting effect on me. Sometimes I would make connections even weeks after we met leaving me with further revelatory insights. Through her almost scientific curiosity, she takes you on an ever deeper journey time and time again, inviting you to grow with her on a co-creative level.
— R. B. Berlin, Germany

Through working with Kerri I’ve experienced release from emotional pain, particularly deep-seated emotional and thought  patterns. Kerri’s work is magnificent and otherworldly. She was able to tap into thoughts, feelings and emotional patterns in me that I have not shared with others.

I wasn’t expecting a shift in the work/career arena when we started, but during our 4th session my patterns of ‘filling up space’, ‘taking on extra work’, and doing more than I need to came up. I realized after the session that these deep-seated patterns have affected my health, burnout at work and general relationship to work/career. I am still processing the shifts and the insights and am unexpectedly finding this pattern come up in other aspects of my life. Kerri’s insights and healing work have truly empowered me and my relationship to my current work role and to how I show up in my life is shifting.

This has been a truly life-shifting experience. I have already recommended Kerri to multiple friends. Her work is truly a gift to humanity.
— Mita P.

I first knew Kerri as a writing guide, who valued, even cherished, the different perspectives of the writers in the online group she created and led. A couple of years later, I trusted her enough to enroll in a class she offered in how to befriend my body. I loved that online experience so much that I signed up for a chance to work with her further. As it turned out, I was in New York City, staying just a few short blocks away from her Lower East Side Manhattan studio, so I knew I was meant to meet her face-to-face and receive a UHP session with her.

Right from the start, I was grateful to be there. I’d had some stress traveling and visiting with an ill family member in the area. Kerri greeted me warmly and invited me to lie face up on her massage table. She gently took my left wrist into her hand, and I felt the love and connection immediately. She invited me to speak if I wanted to share anything, and she kept her attention fully on me, and my energies. That, in and of itself, was a compassionate and deeply comforting experience!

As she continued to tune in to my energies, I felt her attention and connection moving through me, creating a sense of my own awareness of myself. I felt both fully present and deeply cared for. She was patient with my body’s slow expression of itself through my wrist, and she checked in with me as the links unfolded. If I offered an idea of what the links were about, she was able to affirm or ask further until we both felt that my soul-level consciousness had been understood. As I experienced such a deep inner awareness, I was able to tune in to myself and to anticipate when she was receiving information about what my body-mind was ready to affirm and/or ready to release.

I related to the images that emerged through our interaction, and I took wonderful comfort in the “permissions” my body was asking that I give it, such as “I allow the still place to feel like home.” Together, we tuned up my liver, a key organ of organization, expression, and re-vitalization as she guided an energetic (wei chi) force field of love to protect it and an emotional wisdom font to fuel its decision-making processes about what in my life I could let go of (other people’s stuff) and what I could expand my life with (my own gifts.)

On the plane on the way home, I took comfort in repeating to myself the permission to move beyond, out of, any places stuck in old conditioning and into a world of possibility: “I give myself the permission that I need to evolve in each moment.”

Yes, I cried a couple of times during the session, which I am prone to do when I am in a tender place and feel a warm reception from another. When the tears started, she gently placed her hand on my tummy, showing me how to easily soothe and relax again. After the session, I hugged her and reported that although my trip to NYC was about seeing friends and family, I now realized that I had been guided to her studio, to her session, and thereby to my own release of ancient traumas. Whee! Thanks, Kerri. I am so grateful to you and for you.
— Rita D.

I’ve been experiencing ongoing muscle spasms in my right shoulder, due to a car crash that occurred a couple of months ago. At their worst, they are debilitating. During this most recent spasm, Kerri suggested that we have a UHP Session. As soon as we started, I felt Kerri’s grounded and calm energy at work in my body. She described the pathways of communication that my body uses to heal itself with care, detail, and accuracy. I found that not only was her session healing and effective, but it was also interesting and fun. By the end of the hour, my pain was significantly reduced, and I was clearly more aligned— my back muscles had released my shoulder blade to the point that it was almost even to the left. I also found that I’d learned a great deal about my personal path to healing, and the physical and emotional implications embedded in that process. Kerri even followed up with me the next day with some further information and exercises that I could do to continue healing.

I’m so grateful to Kerri for the work she did with me, and whole-heartedly recommend her and this practice for anyone who is seeking help with a specific injury or illness, or to anyone who is interested in learning more about how their body heals itself and how to strengthen that process more generally.
— Celina Chapin, - Choreographer & Anti-Recidivism Policy Advocate

I had a very important surgery coming up and I invested in a UHP session with Kerri to help me process through all of my feelings anticipating the procedure. I was feeling a lot of fear and sadness. She was able to tune in to some of the key themes that my body, heart and mind were experiencing. She gave me some touching insights to contemplate during the session. I ended up journaling and meditating on these insights daily up until my surgery date. The experience of the surgery was incredibly healing and I felt so safe and supported because of all the mindful care that had been taken in preparing myself for the big day.

I am deeply grateful to Kerri for holding a gentle space for the processing of emotion and the openness to follow her intuition and communicate to me about what she was observing in connection with our energies. My experiences with her has shown me that she’s deeply committed to this work, a highly attuned practitioner and a skillfully articulate communicator. I look forward to our next session.
— Virginia W., Writer, Performer and New Mother
Three sessions and I have a much better understanding of the connection between body, mind, and environment. Kerri’s intuition, creativity, and UHP techniques have led to some fascinating questions and conclusions that have increased my ability to channel inspiration into my art.
— Christopher M., Violinist and Composer

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