Universal Health Principles™


"UHP is difficult to describe but elemental to experience. Usually cathartic, always clarifying, my sessions with Kerri have had an almost magical effect -- one of unifying mind, body, and spirit; developing trust in intuition; and imagining and actualizing a free, un-fearful expression of self. Kerri acts as both guide and witness, creating safe space for catharsis and growth. This practice is a wonder."  – Michaela Morton, Actor/Real Estate Agent


What is it?

Universal Health Principles™ is a healing modality that helped me transform chronic pain and anxiety, learn how to flow with life, and become a creator of my own experience by managing my mind and bringing a more positive outlook to whatever my current "issues" are - be it health-related, career-related, love-related or something else. 

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How does it work?

Intro sessions take place online over Zoom (an easy to use video platform). We can also use Facetime if Zoom doesn't work for you. 

During the intro session, we'll talk a bit about anything that's been bothering you in your life or that you'd like clarity on (in your health, career, relationship, etc.)

I will then "tune into" your body and ask where communication is ready to improve, pulling on my wrist for guidance. What I'm finding are places in you (physically, emotionally, etc.) where stress has caused communication to break down. Since communication is the basis of health, your body is telling me that it's ready for an upgrade.

We re-establish the lines of communication by bringing these things to consciousness through words and images and then we will "tap out" the links. I will show you how to tap over your head and heart while guiding you through breathing and connecting within.

Sessions are relaxing, gentle and safe. Nothing comes up in a session that your body is not ready to process, so you don't have to worry about being overwhelmed or nervous. Every session is completely unique and unfolds based on what YOU are ready for. 

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Working with Kerri was a moving and powerful experience. I didn’t know what to expect, and Kerri put me at ease right away. I trusted her completely with the experience. I was surprisingly moved during the session, with Kerri tapping into parts of my life and way of moving through the world were so accurate, and brought those into crystalized form for me to address.

I am more peaceful now. I also see a way to move forward with new ideas and insights into how my future can be different. I don’t need to be stuck in my old patterns, and Kerri helped me see this.
— Maria Fadiman, Professor and TEDx Speaker
I had a very important surgery coming up and I invested in a UHP session with Kerri to help me process through all of my feelings anticipating the procedure. I was feeling a lot of fear and sadness. She was able to tune in to some of the key themes that my body, heart and mind were experiencing. She gave me some touching insights to contemplate during the session. I ended up journaling and meditating on these insights daily up until my surgery date. The experience of the surgery was incredibly healing and I felt so safe and supported because of all the mindful care that had been taken in preparing myself for the big day.

I am deeply grateful to Kerri for holding a gentle space for the processing of emotion and the openness to follow her intuition and communicate to me about what she was observing in connection with our energies. My experiences with her has shown me that she’s deeply committed to this work, a highly attuned practitioner and a skillfully articulate communicator. I look forward to our next session.
— Virginia W., Fremont, CA (New mother)
Three sessions and I have a much better understanding of the connection between body, mind, and environment. Kerri’s intuition, creativity, and UHP techniques have led to some fascinating questions and conclusions that have increased my ability to channel inspiration into my art.
— Christopher M., violinist and composer