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Isn’t it about time you gave yourself permission to be who you are?

3 Weeks of…

Learning your unique Human Design, shedding your limiting beliefs & upgrading your brain-body connection with UHP.

Do you ever feel like you’re fighting against yourself?

Trying to follow the productivity tips, networking advice, or even the latest eating program - and feeling like you’re doing something wrong because you either just can’t seem to make yourself follow through, or when you do, it falls flat?

Have you tried to force yourself to be extroverted, when you’re really an introvert? To stick to just one career even though your heart is ready to move on? To try to claim your identity once and for all, or put pressure on yourself to work 10 hours a day when you really just can’t?

All of these issues can be solved when you affirm and trust YOUR UNIQUENESS and shed any of the false beliefs and limiting stories about who you are and what’s possible in your life.

What you’ve been looking for is permission to finally be yourself. To live and work and shine in a way uniquely suited to you. The combination of Human Design and Universal Health Principles™ sessions (UHP) can make it your reality sooner than you ever believed possible.

Kerri’s Human Design Chart. You have a unique chart based on your time of birth!

Kerri’s Human Design Chart. You have a unique chart based on your time of birth!

Human Design is the most cutting edge system available that uses astrology, the I-Ching, Kabbalah and Chakra system to create a map of your body that explains how you best exchange energy with the world (ie: take action) and make decisions. It can tell you what parts of life you feel secure in, and what parts you are likely to be overly influenced by others in. Having this information is the fastest way to start trusting yourself.

This map is complex and can be hard to decipher to the average person, which is why it is so helpful to have a human design reader who has been studying all of the aspects of the chart in depth and can tell you exactly what YOUR unique combination means.

Universal Health Principles™ is an energetic expansion and healing modality that processes stuck emotion like fear, sadness and anger from your body and shifts consciousness into feeling completely supported by your body and the universe. By taking time to acknowledge and feel the “negative” feelings and face subconscious beliefs that have been holding you back in a supportive environment, they are finally able to let go and leave your body.

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Inspiring permissions like “I allow my life to be easy” and supportive images replace those limiting beliefs, upgrading you into a new, more expansive reality. UHP sessions work on both a conscious and subconscious level, producing the big changes that only seem to happen after years of self-development work in a much shorter timeframe.

And now, I’m bringing both these systems to YOU at an affordable rate in The Upgrade.

Your Guide

Kerri Lowe is a creative & healing mentor for spiritually-minded, ambitious women who want to learn how to fully embody their wholeness, harmony and radiance. She helps women shed their limiting beliefs and process stuck emotions in their bodies through Universal Health Principles™ sessions, expanding them into living from their true desires.

She merges mind-body-spirit through her GUMPTION Method, using the chakra system as a guide for embodiment, decision-making, and achieving relaxed, ready presence. Since learning about human design, she’s become an evangelist to all her friends and clients, helping them trust themselves with a lot less trial and error through knowing their type! (She’s a manifestor!)

Beyond her coaching and healing work, she is a storyteller, songwriter, poet and podcaster. She lives in Brooklyn, NY with her husband, composer Charlie Van Kirk.

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The Story Behind This Course!

This course started as a collaboration between myself and Sarah Salinas, a human design reader at the beginning of 2019. We exchanged sessions, felt a lot of magic and then wanted to share our knowledge and insights with others! We first set it up as a 10 day program and had a blast! It was the easiest, most seamless collaboration and launch ever!

As the year went on, Sarah got interested in studying tarot and I took up studying human design. We decided to part ways for the 2nd run of The Upgrade (with no hard feelings at all!) and make some upgrades to the program itself. I wanted to have more face time with the participants and be able to coach each person in deeply integrating their human design and giving opportunities for individual UHP links.

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Soon after, Sarah’s business started to take off. Kerri and others sent referrals her way and it was clear that this was really happening. Two weeks later, two days before the full moon lunar eclipse, Kerri had an idea. The combo of Human Design and UHP had been so powerful for them…what if they offered it to others in a super accessible program? The plans solidified over the next two days via Messenger just in time for the full moon.

And thus, The Upgrade was born.

To test out this idea, we’re doing a 10 day experience for 10 people from February 16th-25th.



How it Works

Three group coaching calls on Zoom.

Each week, we’ll have a 90-minute group call on Zoom. We’ll pick a time for our group calls (I’m thinking Tuesday evenings at 7:30pm EST starting May 14th, but final time will be decided based on who is in the group). Zoom is a platform where everyone can be on video together. I’ve been using it in my groups for years and it’s awesome! Replays will absolutely be available if you can’t make it live.

Call #1:

SETTING THE FOUNDATION: Energy type and authority

In call 1, we’ll get to know one another and declare how YOU are intending to upgrade over the next three weeks. Of course, everyone is going to be using mindfulness, Human Design and UHP to Upgrade - but in service of what? Where have you been trying to break through in your life but haven’t been able to? What is it that you are really wanting to create, experience, or feel? Together, we’ll set the container for your individual upgrade and set the tone for the collective upgrade our group will be experiencing.

In Call #1, we will go over each person’s energy type as one of the foundational pieces of your human design. Your Energy Type is how the world experiences you and how you experience the world. The energy types are…Generators: 37% of population, Manifesting Generators: 33% of population, Projectors: 20% of population, Manifestors: 9% of population, Reflectors: 1% of population. I will help use your energy type to give you one challenge to complete during week 1 that will line up with your desired upgrade/goal and give you practice using your energy type and authority. Your authority is how you make decisions and it’s SO important to be able to practice. So we’ll be diving into the authority as well (sacral, emotional, splenic, etc.).

Call #2:

Uncovering WHERE YOU GET TRIPPED UP: Defined and undefined centers

In call #2, we will go through a visual breakdown of your human design bodygraph, focusing on the defined and undefined centers (the colored in and white shapes within the chart). The centers are Root, Sacral, Spleen, Emotional, Heart, G Center, Throat, Ajna and Crown. When a center is defined, it means you have consistent access to that energy. When it is undefined (white) it means that you do not have consistent access to that energy, but amplify it through others.

Our undefined centers are where we are most likely to get tripped up. We take on other people’s fears, worries, pressure, energy and emotions, confusing them for our own. In this call you will learn where YOU tend to get tripped up and what questions you can ask yourself to get your back to center and back to your true essence. When you know this about yourself, you can start to catch when you get off-track and come back home. We’ll apply this information to the upgrade/goal you are working on and help you stay the course.

Call #3:


In Call #3, we’ll focus on upgrading your operating system through Universal Health Principles. Having heard your goals, learned about your design and seen some of your experiences building awareness and testing it out in the first couple weeks, it’s time for the integration of your upgrade. That means you, living at a new level of self-trust, integrity and authenticity. I help you do this through Universal Health Principles, the modality I use that allows me to tune into your body and see where communication is ready to improve. We’ll process limiting beliefs, stuck emotions and societal conditioning that has kept you from living your unique design. You’ll get links just for you AND access to work through everyone else’s links because they are usually so very connected! We’ll also set next steps for ourselves in continuing to integrate the knowledge and insights you’ve had so far.

IMPORTANT: in order to have an accurate human design session, you need to know the exact location and time of your birth. If you do not have this information, email Kerri at kerri@kaylocreative.com to see if a human design session makes sense for you based on what you know.


What if I’ve already received a Human Design reading from Sarah or Kerri?

All good! If you’ve already gotten a reading, this course is perfect for helping you integrate that knowledge into your life so you can really live it. Human Design is a complex system with a lot of working parts, so it takes some time and focus to experiment with how your flow works.

This program will also help you have more of a sense of human design as a whole, so you can pull up the charts of the people close to you and have your own insights about how to

What if I haven’t ever had a 1-on-1 reading? Will I understand what’s going on??

Yes - you will! I’ll make sure you understand what’s going on and you can always ask questions. If you really want a private reading before we begin, I have a handful of openings available for a 1 hr human design + UHP session here.

What if I’ve already had UHP sessions with Kerri?

The amazing thing about UHP is that it’s pretty much always useful. Our limiting beliefs and stuck emotions aren’t one and done. It’s a process of continual shedding and expansion. UHP meets you where you are and can always bring you forward, no matter how many sessions you’ve had.

Where can I learn more about UHP?

There are less than 30 trained practitioners in Universal Health Principles IN THE WORLD. The modality is that new. An official UHP website is currently in the works from founder Laura Hames Franklin, but in the meantime you can learn more on Kerri’s website here.

Where can I learn more about Human Design?

Got another question? Reach out to us at kerri@kaylocreative.com.

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The first payment of $44 signs you up for the daily group UHP sessions. Once you sign up, you’ll receive an email linking to Sarah’s scheduler where you can find a time and pay her fee of $44.

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