Shift your limiting beliefs, process emotion that keeps you stuck, rest and reconnect to the creative life force.

A weekly group Universal Health Principles session online.

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Light a candle, close the door and put your phone on Do Not Disturb.

It’s time for CreativeREST, your weekly gateway into reclaiming your radiance and transcending your limiting beliefs about yourself and your creative potential.


My story:

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My name is Kerri Lowe. I'm a poet, songwriter, creativity coach and Universal Health Principles™ practitioner. I help women unlock their innate wholeness, harmony and radiance through healing work, movement and creative expression.

I was born and raised a smart cookie. Straight A's, loved school, teacher's pet with a class clown streak - the whole deal. I had a lot of spunk and was a little girl who thought she could do anything. 

And then puberty hit. I developed an eating disorder (actually, more than one...), a lot of negative self-talk, and a hatred of my body shaped every second of my life. I pushed through, finding emotional outlets in theatre and music, but I still couldn't shake this underlying disdain for my female form.

A folk singer/songwriter with a theatre degree, at 22 years old I lost my voice and couldn't sing without pain. The combination of years of bulimia, a sexual assault, and a decade of hating my body caught up with me - and my healing journey began. 

I found support through personal storytelling, therapeutic writing, talk therapy, yoga, meditation, healthier intuitive eating and all the other "normal" ways - and it was all helping ...

But I didn't fundamentally shift my mental and emotional state until I found a practice called Universal Health Principles.


At the beginning of 2017, I joined an online program where we met weekly, live on video in a group, to receive a Universal Health Principles (UHP) session. 

As a participant, I would log onto the call every week with my video on (and sometimes with my video off) to watch Laura, the founder of UHP, tune into the energy of the group and see where communication within our systems was ready to improve. She would tell us what she was getting, and then we would tap over head and heart to integrate the new information. (The video is what tapping looks like! And you can do it sitting up or lying down).

We processed emotions like anger, fear, sadness, worry and grief - and dismantled limiting belief systems like "I don't know what to do," "Everything is falling apart," "Something is wrong with me" and whole lot more. I found that by acknowledging the ugly uncomfortable stuff, I was able to find the light. Effortlessly feeling restored to a natural state of connection to my higher source. To a wholeness, harmony, radiance that had always been lying underneath my anxiety and self-criticism, but that I had never been able to access before. 

I didn't understand what she was doing AT ALL, but I knew that it felt GOOD. (And if you're still confused about what this looks like - there is a video with a mini-session at the bottom of the page!) It felt like relief. It felt like, for the first time in my life, I was being truly seen in a therapeutic setting that didn't untether me, but rather, gradually, piece by piece, re-built my neural connections and outlook so that my default mode was ease, joy, and trust - rather than fear.


It was like cleaning off the grime of 26 years of social, patriarchal conditioning that made me feel crazy. Finally, I could see my own light shining through the glass. 


With the help of UHP, I learned how to relax and let go for the first time. Each week I was reprogramming my consciousness (and subconscious, which is even MORE important because it's harder to access!). I was processing my negative beliefs and emotions, and replacing them with words, images and connections that reinforced the goodness of life and living and my body.

Through UHP, I restored the natural flow of life throughout my entire physical, spiritual and emotional being. This, to me, is the essence of creativity. The connection to all that is, our childlike viewpoint that sees possibilities and adventure and opportunities for us to express ourselves - and does not pre-judge everything they want to make, do, have and experience.

So of course I had to learn this modality. And I did! I've been practicing for over a year in one-on-one sessions and in groups, and it's time for me to offer to the world what helped me so much. 


An affordable group program where you can get weekly UHP sessions online.


Because I know a lot of you have experienced one session, or a group session, or lots of mini-sessions, but the power of this work is it's ability to bit by bit, remove all of the unhelpful filters you've been seeing the world through. Change and insights do happen swiftly, but a lifetime of limiting beliefs don't disappear in one session. If you want the real change, it means committing to the continual unfolding of the work. 


The Offer:

I'm inviting you to join as a founding member of CreativeREST. It's an online group that meets on Zoom once a week (Sundays, more info on schedule below). There is no commitment to join - It's month-to-month, so stay as long as it feels good to you. The cost is $60/month. 

Everyone who signs up by August 31st gets a bonus 40 minute 1-on-1 UHP session with me over Zoom!

(The payment is set up with a trial period so that you will not be billed for the 2nd month until we've completed 4 sessions).

Join Now:



This group begins on Sunday, September 16th and all sessions will be Sundays at 1:30pm EST. 

Sessions are every week, or 4x/month. If there is a 5th Sunday in a month, we will take one of the Sundays off and I will let you know ahead of time when that will be. Occasionally, I may need to shift the time, but my expectation is that 90% of the meetings will be at 1:30 EST.


My Why:

Why am I doing this?

Because I DEEPLY believe in this kind of healing work being affordable for people - especially women who want to reclaim their radiance and unleash their creativity and expression . 

I have been in places where I could not afford $60/month, but was expected to pay $60/session for a weekly therapist (and that was a good deal!). When I signed up for the program I began receiving UHP through, I was terrified that I wouldn't be able to make the payments (I was committed to $175/month for a YEAR). But something pulled me to it and I did it. I moved my life around to make it work. 

And it changed everything. 

I want that kind of change for you, (and sometimes big change does require big financial commitment!) but I'm also committed to sustainability in every sense of the word.

I don't want anyone to go into debt to work with me, or fear going into debt because of the commitment they've made. This program is about offering long-term consistent support to members for as long as it feels in alignment for them. This win-win mode of connection is what I trust and believe in and work toward in everything that I do. 

Also, though I offer 1-on-1 sessions (info and testimonials here) a group setting is great for a couple reasons. Yes, it allows you to have regular sessions at a lower price, but it also can also be less intimidating than a 1-on-1 session. Though UHP is always looking into what is ready to process, in a group we will be processing emotions and beliefs that apply to us all. We won't be going into your personal details or trauma, but those things will shift because of the work we're doing. So it's a way to feel a change there without necessarily having to dig any further than you would like at this moment.


Who is this for?

This program is for you if...

- you can recognize that it's often your own mind that keeps you from being creative or sharing your work, (the over-analyzing, second-guessing, freaking out part of you) but you haven't been able to find relief naturally in a consistent way.

- you want to feel more capable, more positive, more able to handle what life throws at you and manage your mind and energy so that you are less affected by the negativity of others.

- you know that your emotions are a huge part of your well-being and are open to the idea that emotions play a role in your physical health too.

- you're ready to let go of the limiting beliefs that keep you small, sick and stuck so you can experience more flow, ease and grace in your everyday life.

- you find that your emotions overtake you and leave you being "weird" with loved ones when you'd like to enjoy your life, crying at inopportune times, or having regular breakdowns that you find hard to explain.

- you "know" you should be doing self-care, but can't sit still when you try to rest or meditate.

- you've been equating self-care with indulgence only and have avoided some of the deeper work of being with your emotions, but want to see what's on the other side of acknowledging and feeling them.

- you have been scared of, extremely critical of, or angry at your body in the past and want to find a way to have a loving relationship with yourself. 

- you are on a creative or healing journey of some kind and just inexplicably feel called to be in this group.


By showing up for these sessions, you will:

- improve your body's ability to heal itself.

- release emotions, fears and belief systems that keep you small/sick/anxious/in self-hate mode.

- re-wire your brain to have a more positive general outlook.

- gradually reveal your innate wholeness, harmony and radiance as we remove the layers of social conditioning meant to keep us from our power and radiance.

- find it easier to take action on what you really want to create and to say no to what isn't serving you. 

- improve your ability to go with the flow and enjoy the moment and HAVE FUN in your work, relationship and creative projects.


The BIGGEST thing holding you back from creating the life of your dreams are your beliefs about what's possible for you.

By processing the underlying emotional patterns that have gotten stuck in your system, we can release limiting beliefs and restore you to your natural state of power and ease, connecting you to the innate creative life force that pulses through everything.


Things to consider before joining:

The payments are set up month-to-month, so you can cancel anytime, but my recommendation is that you plan to commit for at least two-three months and show up live every week (or watch the recording in an undistracted manner) to really feel the shift. Like I said above, you don't shift a lifetime of limiting beliefs in one session, or when you are distracted. Show up for yourself, suspend your disbelief that anything can change, and be amazed as you see the results unfold in your life. Things just start to get...easier. And easier is a good thing. This is meant to be a support for you for years to come, as long as it continues to feel aligned. But I encourage you to truly give yourself the opportunity to feel the shift before you make a decision that it's time to leave. Cool? <3

Decision-making tip: If you can never EVER be there live, this might not be for you. You can still experience results by only watching the replay, (I promise!)  My intention is to send the replay out as soon as possible after we're done, (recording and processing the upload can take 90 minutes sometimes) but my goal is to have it to you within 2 hours of the session ending, so you can do the session that Sunday evening if you are free and start the week feeling revived and maybe even have a creative evening for yourself!

If you can make it live to at least 2 out of the 4 sessions a month, I would definitely say yes, go for it. 


Join Now, $60/month. 

Everyone who signs up by August 31st gets a bonus 40 minute 1-on-1 UHP session with me over Zoom!

(The payment is set up with a trial period so that you will not be billed for the 2nd month until we've completed 4 sessions).


(PS - Still a little confused about what happens in a session? Watch this short sample video)