The Only Thing You'll Lose

A true coming of age story about sex, family and finding your voice. 


Escaping the south at eighteen in her Chuck Taylors and skinny jeans for life in New York City, Kerri Lowe thinks she has it all figured out. But it doesn’t take long to discover that acting school is not where she belongs. Instead, she finds solace in an unexpected art form – songwriting.

Country-tinged folk songs escape from her pen as she finds herself navigating a new world of men, sex, music and people who aren't what they seem. Haunted by her father's mysterious incarcerated past while finding her individual voice as an artist and women - Lowe makes the mistake of trusting the wrong man. After being sexually assaulted, she finds herself suddenly unable to sing without pain. Realizing her mistakes, she must confront the truth about the choices she's made and learn how to carve a new path for her future. 


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