Kerri Lowe

I am a content strategist & coach, online media producer, podcaster, songwriter and storyteller. I believe in speaking your truth, creating the art/content you want to see in the world, & that we could all use a little more gumption. 

After graduating early from NYU with a BFA in Acting, I set about developing my music and working on content at Jalopy Theatre and School of Music - newsletters, crowdfunding campaigns, videos, social media, you name it.

I was also a folk singer/songwriter, so I graduated and went out into the world to create my first album and start touring - but then something unexpected happened. Suddenly, I couldn't sing without pain and my music career was over before it even began. 

Vocal coach and indie music business expert Cari Cole hired me on as a copywriter for her business, where I helped create her online programs, write sales pages and make email sequences to help independent artists get to the next level with their music. 

I studied with Tanya Taylor Rubinstein and created my one-woman show, The Only Thing You'll Lose. I worked for a storytelling startup, StoryShelter, where I hosted my first podcast and started producing my own spoken word poetry videos that got me some attention from Upworthy, Everyday Feminism and Omega Women's Leadership Center.

Deciding I liked making money rather than going into debt ;), I turned down getting a Masters Degree in Narrative Medicine from Columbia and instead got a Certificate in Narrative Practice while I built my business, KAYLOcreative, helping solopreneurs turn their brilliance into online courses and generally helping creative, spiritual-yet-practical souls get their voices out into the world. 

Currently, I serve as House of Who's resident content strategist, primarily producing the ARTISTCEO podcast. I continue to work closely with Tanya Taylor Rubinstein, helping her help more people become story coaches. After years of being the person producing content for others, I've begun consulting one-on-one with via my GUMPTION Jumpstart package and do small group coaching to catalyze more women into putting their voices into the world.

The 2nd round of my 8-week GUMPTION Catalyst Circle starts in September 2017. If you are a creative woman who runs her own business and wants to create content that feels really good to make - email me at to find out more & save your spot.