Universal health principles™

Feeling stuck creatively? Unusually tired? Frustrated with your progress or defeated by chronic pain? Universal Health Principles™ sessions are like hitting the reset button on your entire system, letting you see new possibilities and process whatever unseen thing has been holding you back. You'll experience greater ease and happiness in day-to-day life and a mind-blowing connection to your creative vessel that you've never felt before! Seriously, this is the practice that helped me overcome chronic pain and tension AND learn to deeply trust the wisdom of my body. It was so transformative that I had to learn to give it myself. Both in person (NYC) and online.

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Have a creative project in mind (or in first draft, or dozens of pages in your notebooks…) but don’t know how to pull it off on your own?

Are you scared of how big you’ll have to be to actually do what you want to do? Or frustrated that you haven’t been able to make it happen by yourself already?

I help women complete big (and sometimes small!) creative projects that they know they are meant to do, but are experiencing some kind of block, fear, or resistance around. Don’t let that project die inside of you.