TKS Secret Episode! How I Manifested My Partner


Hey! Kerri here with an unexpected “secret” episode of The KAYLO Show for you. Why a secret? Well, to be honest? It just feels private.

I’m a songwriter, poet and storyteller that is no stranger to laying her intimate secrets bare in her art - AND YET - a few years ago I had to learn a tough lesson. I had an idea for a project called Portrait of a Highly-Sensitive Millennial Feminist on the Verge of Holy Matrimony. I was 25 and engaged to my perfect partner, and yet I was struggling in my career (I was a nanny at the time!), feeling weird in my body and just generally like What is wrong with me?

I was also dealing with what it meant to be a card-carrying feminist AND get married. So I wanted to write a book of essays about it or something. I wrote the proposal and drafts of many essays, but couldn’t seem to get an agent interested or to finish. So, two months before the wedding, I had an idea. I would record intimate, in the moment videos of my experience and then post them in real time to Facebook. This included crazy things like crying over the financial stress of putting on a wedding, why I wasn’t taking my partner’s last name and lots of other details.

And you know what? It totally backfired. What I thought would be liberating for me turned into awkwardness in my family (and my relationship) and a total TMI hangover from myself. What I learned from that process was that although I do tend to live my life as an open book, I also need to have some boundaries.

And here is where I’m setting one.

I want to tell you the story of how I manifested my life partner. To share the lessons and the magic with you and encourage you that you can meet your soul mate too.

And I just need a little barrier to entry to keep myself feeling safe. So the only way to access this recording is to sign up with your email.

When you sign up, I’ll send you the audio along with a little written guide around the lessons I learned and what you can use from my story in case that’s what you’re looking for. I’ll send you more info about The KAYLO Show and my other offerings when it makes sense and you can feel free to unsubscribe anytime. I just ask that you don’t share the recording with anyone else to help respect privacy! (You can of course tell them where to sign up!)

Sound good?


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