Gumption Goddess: Moving Your Body

Are you comfortable in your skin? This isn't about outward appearance, but about feeling good in your body. Not because there's anything wrong with you, but because you love you. It also helps your sales ;)

A big piece of what makes any performer compelling is how comfortable they are in their body. Now that there is so much video content online, it's important for YOU to feel good in your body too. And because this is about being a GUMPTION Goddess, why just turn it on when the camera comes out? I want you to feel good in your body at all times so you can radiate confidence and create content and make sales with ease. 

Gumption Goddess: Gestation

Welcome to the Gumption Goddess podcast! In this first episode, I introduce you to what the show is about, why I'm cool with the word "goddess" when I used to hate it and talk about the gestation period of the creative process.

This show is for creative female solopreneurs who need to promote themselves and their work, but are sick of the hustle-it-out masculine approach to business. This podcast is about intuitive content strategy, glorious embodiment of your radiant self and learning to live your days (working and not working) with ease.