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Hey! I’m glad you found me - especially if you are a spiritual, (or spiritually curious) ambitious, creative woman - cause that’s mostly who I write for. I’ve got a newsletter that you may want to join. These will be weekly missives on living your one wild and precious life (yes, thank you, thank you, thank you Mary Oliver for that impeccable phrase!) 

These missives are coming from me (duh) - your poet/healer/mystic/investigator extraordinaire and will cover all things that I’m obsessed with learning about and sharing with my clients. 

The latest (and most ancient!) research on the mindbody connection and how to master it for your advantage - amazing female-founded companies and projects that are re-writing and re-wiring our world - insights from my Universal Health Principles sessions - how to choose which projects to move forward with and which ones to leave behind - living in accordance with your human design - living in a body that must heal and the best ways to support yourself in your own healing and expansion. 

What you get:

A weekly message from me that includes, but is not limited to - what I’m thinking about, obsessed with, currently reading and a permission of the week. A permission is a little piece of UHP (Universal Health Principles) that you can use to start improving your life right away. If you’ve never tried UHP, don’t worry, I have a video that shows you how.

Plus, occasional podcasts of The KAYLO Show when I have something that must be spoken and announcements if I’m performing!

every Wednesday.