Kerri Lowe

I am a content strategist & coach, online media producer, podcaster, songwriter and storyteller. I have more than once been called a "creative midwife" by my clients - which I love. I believe in speaking your truth, creating the art/content you want to see in the world, & that we could all use a little more gumption. 

After graduating early from NYU with a BFA in Acting, I set about developing my music and working on content at Jalopy Theatre and School of Music - newsletters, crowdfunding campaigns, videos, social media, you name it.


I was also a folk singer/songwriter, so I graduated and went out into the world to create my first album and start touring - but then something unexpected happened. Suddenly, I couldn't sing without pain and my music career was over before it even began. 

Vocal coach and indie music business expert Cari Cole hired me on as a copywriter for her business, where I helped create her online programs, write sales pages and make email sequences to help independent artists get to the next level with their music. 

I studied with Tanya Taylor Rubinstein and created my one-woman show, The Only Thing You'll Lose. I worked for a storytelling startup, StoryShelter, where I hosted my first podcast and started producing my own spoken word poetry videos that got me some attention from Upworthy, Everyday Feminism and Omega Women's Leadership Center.

Deciding I liked making money rather than going into debt ;), I turned down getting a Masters Degree in Narrative Medicine from Columbia and instead got a Certificate in Narrative Practice while I built my business, KAYLOcreative, helping solopreneurs turn their brilliance into online courses and generally helping creative, spiritual-yet-practical souls get their voices out into the world. 

Currently, I serve as House of Who's resident content strategist, primarily producing the ArtistCEO Podcast. I continue to work closely with Tanya Taylor Rubinstein, helping her help more people become story coaches. After years of being the person producing content for others, I've begun consulting one-on-one with via my GUMPTION Jumpstart package and do small group coaching to catalyze more women into putting their voices into the world.

After a successful first round of my small group program, the GUMPTION Catalyst Circle this summer, I am revising the experience to work on an even deeper level and re-launching in January 2018. If you are a creative woman who runs her own business and wants to create content that feels really good to make - email me at to find out more & save your spot. 

After running several incredible free online group experiences in 2017, filled with women looking to become more mindful and embodied, commit to their creativity and share their stories and voices from a place of love and confidence, I am developing an affordable program that will allow our community to grow together. Think of it as an online support group for all the ups and downs of living life as a creative woman in 2017. I am SO excited about this and can't wait to begin! We start October 3rd and you should definitely join my email list if you want to know about it!

<3 Kerri