You are a creative soul in an infinitely intelligent body -

(and I am too).


My name is Kerri Lowe, some people know me as KAYLO.

I'm the GUMPTION coach.

I help ambitious, spiritually-minded women reclaim their creative lives through the power of GUMPTION.

What the heck is GUMPTION?

Well, gumption is: "spirited initiative and resourcefulness, boldness of enterprise, courage, spunk, guts, common sense."

And GUMPTION (with each letter standing for something) is a test, method and framework I developed that helps you get out of your head and into your body, so you can take aligned action that feels grounded, bold and guided by the infinite intelligence of your heart, gut, and mind working in harmony. 

Because when we make decisions solely from our brain, we often get it wrong.

I've seen so many women (and myself) go after the things they think they "should" do, or would be "smart" to do - but eventually, your body speaks up.

You become depressed, anxious and maybe even suicidal. You hold tension in weird places that you can't seem to let go of. You get injured or have chronic, unexplained illness. You keep secrets because of shame and suddenly you can't sing or speak without pain.

All of the unhealthy scenarios above are part of my story. I had spent almost my whole life hating my body - everything it was and everything it wasn't. A decade of moving in and out of eating disorders and never getting real treatment made my body a battleground, unable to be trusted. 

It was painful on every level to exist.

But then I had a breakthrough. Okay, actually, I had a 5 year journey, starting with being unable to sing without pain (as an aspiring folk singer/songwriter with an acting degree - ouch) and becoming obsessed with the word, "gumption."

Something deep within me knew that gumption was the key I had been looking for - that those letters held what was missing from my health, my career and creative life. 

I started a blog about gumption - a little closer. 

I created a beta course on what I thought gumption was about - a little closer, but not quite right.

I got the gumption to perform a one-woman show, telling the truth about my sexual assault and eating disorders, healing my voice in the process. Ohhh yes, getting  much closer. 

I wrote a spoken word poem about gumption - close.

I performed that poem, "When I Have Gumption," on many stages in front of hundreds of women that cried and thanked me, finally feeling seen in their own struggle to be in their body - and their determination to rise above what the patriarchy had taught them about being a woman. SO close.

I journaled and meditated and studied yoga and narrative practice and story healing and what it took to build a business. Closer.

Eventually, I realized that the key to GUMPTION was within my biggest struggle in life and my biggest desire as a performer - being fully embodied. I realized that when I was performing my poetry on stage, I was the gumptious woman I wanted to be. Connected. Whole. Harmonious. Radiant. Each piece of myself, body, mind and spirit working together in the service of conscious evolution. 

Each letter of the word GUMPTION stood for something that could be accessed through the body. 

G for Grounded

U for Up

M for Muscle

P for Play, and Pleasure

T for Truth

I for Inspiration

O for Om

N for Now


Quickly, the picture unfolded for me. I could use The GUMPTION Test to determine if a project (in business or my creative life) I was considering was really aligned with my whole self, or if it only came from my head. 

At the same time, I could develop my GUMPTION through embodiment exercises, becoming more and more aligned with my body's perspective, feeling the power, pleasure, connection and inspiration that was always available through my physical form.  

I began helping other women develop creative and marketing projects that passed The GUMPTION Test. Developing the podcast ArtistCEO with Shannon DeJong in the process (a story about integrating the business and the artistic self into one being - check it out on iTunes sometime!)

Around this time, I was also diving into experiencing and learning a modality called Universal Health Principles™ that is based on the fact (but still sometimes radical idea) that the body can heal itself. I began learning the function and purpose of every organ, every endocrine gland and all of the intelligent communication that was making my heart beat and my cells develop themselves.

I learned how to tap into this guidance that could help myself and others restore communication in the body that had been compromised due to stress, releasing old belief systems and stuck emotion that held me back from my full potential.

Combining the outside-in approach of GUMPTION with the inside-out approach of Universal Health Principles (it works a lot with the subconscious) I could facilitate powerful transformation in myself and others. 

Isn't it time that you learned how to work with your body in the pursuit of your creative and career goals rather than against it?

In celebration of completing my first GUMPTION Catalyst Circle with 5 amazing women, I am going to be teaching a free class called GUMPTIONgoddess101 in early September. For 60 minutes online, I'll teach you 8 easy practices to get out of your (anxious, overwhelmed) head and into the (harmonious, radiant) wholeness of your being. 

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