"When a woman tells the truth she is creating the possibility for more truth around her."

- Adrienne Rich


My name is Kerri Lowe - aka, KAYLO.

KAYLO is the person I am when I like myself best. Curious & brave. Honest & fierce. Playful. Passionate. Articulate.

KAYLO is the person I am when I allow myself to completely embody truth + presence + craft. 


Everything I know about communicating powerfully onstage comes down to Truth, Presence, & Craft.


I know how to time a song just right on the subway platform for maximum emotional impact + dollars in my guitar case. 

I know how to read a passage during a wedding ceremony that will bring tears to even the most emotionally composed guests. 

I know how to make a room full of 400 women breathe down into their bellies, shout from their souls, and rise to meet themselves in a standing ovation that connects them to their deepest longings and the shining eyes of one another.  

I know how to speak to the camera in a way that removes all barriers, moving people to say, "Thank you so much. I needed this." "I've watched this every day since I've found it." "I've never heard anything that spoke to me so much. I feel like I want to write this down and paste it all over my walls. Thank you."

It's not because I'm a genius, or a "born performer" or just lucky.

It's because at my best, I radiate and embody two things:

Truth                        & Presence.


These things are able to soar on top of a foundation of 



Truth & Presence happen when your soul, body, voice, mind and heart are in alignment. 

It's what happens when you know who you are and what you are here for in this moment. 

It's what happens when you accept yourself completely and have unconditional love & regard for everyone you meet. 

Communicating from truth + presence + craft is an incredibly powerful way to affect the world.

Are you ready for that?


To express my experience of life authentically and help others do the same. To speak up when I have been trained to be silent, to take risks when I have been told to play it safe, to build a solid foundation of discipline and systems that support the creative life my clients and I aspire to. To find the grain of sand in everything, that irritating itch that makes us pursue questions and projects that make the journey of being alive an worthwhile one. To come clean, cause the cleaner I get is the messiest yet. 

Follow the journey. 

be your own muse.