You are a creative soul in an infinitely intelligent body.

(And I am too.)

Think about that for a minute.

You, by nature of being alive, have an intelligence inside you. It’s what makes your heart beat, your cuts heal, and your serotonin release when you eat that delicious piece of dark chocolate. It’s in your limbs, your organs, in every single cell. 

And it’s full expression is whole, harmonious, and radiant.

So let me ask you a question...

                             Do you feel whole, harmonious and radiant?

Or do you feel out of whack? Anxious? Dull?


If you're feeling less than radiant....that's totally normal, but it isn't a necessity.

YOU have the power to change your relationship to your body. All you have to do is listen to it.

But because no one ever taught us these things, you might not know HOW to listen. You might not know HOW your body works (and how to work WITH your body). It's possible that you haven't truly experienced the magic that is happening inside of you. 

When you experience and appreciate the magic of your body, you can bring YOUR unique magic out into the world.

You can step into your calling; make that podcast, get on stage, share your story, your message, or your art. When you see your body as your divine vessel, you can create and express from your soul in a way that is deeply nourishing to yourself and others.


My name is Kerri Lowe. I'm a songwriter, storyteller, healer and teacher. I help people befriend their bodies and find freedom in creative expression so they can heal what feels broken or unbalanced inside them. If you are stuck in judgement, fear, or pain around your body - it doesn’t have to be that way. You can not only find relief, but reclaim the wholeness, harmony and radiance that is your birthright. 

I will show you the way. 

Not because I’m a guru or have it all figured out…but because it has been my life’s journey to learn how to befriend my body and create from my heart so that I can be of service to myself and the world. 

Fall in love with the vessel you’ve been gifted. Sign up for my free 3-part video course: Wholeness - Harmony - Radiance to get a taste of the magic that’s inside you. 

Wholeness - harmony - radiance