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Are you frustrated or discouraged by how disconnected, overwhelmed or anxious you feel?

Do you want to know a big secret to finally making peace with your body?

Would you like to have a personal practice that can help you take action from aligned state, feeling energized in your work and guided by the Universe to your next level of creative expression and service?

Then you need The GUMPTION Warm Up! The GUMPTION Warm Up is your connection to embodied purpose via the chakra system - an energetic blueprint of the most important aspects of life - from your root to your crown!

Below is a quick intro taken from my GUMPTION Goddess Workshop (in full workshops, I go way more in-depth about each of the letters) and below THAT is a 10-minute warm up you can follow along with as a starting point!

get Grounded

get Up

get Muscle

get Play/Pleasure

get Truth

get Inspiration

get Om

get Now


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