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Being a creative woman is an emotional rollercoaster.

You do NOT have to do it alone.

If you've wasted any time worrying that you're 1) crazy 2) lazy 3) incapable 4) too emotional 5) too strategic or 6) hopelessly distracted...

then welcome to the club. 

The club for creative women living in the 21st century who have the crazy-making combo of high expectations for themselves, a touch-and-go sense of confidence, (sometimes it's WAY high, sometimes it's embarrassingly low) a growling ambition, and a million things fighting for their attention...

But who also have a DEEP KNOWING that they were meant to bring their unique expression into the world. Through a book, or a video series, an album, a performance, or even a business (and often, more than one of these!)

Sound like you? Read on.

My name is Kerri Lowe. I'm an insatiable creator (writing, performing, podcast producing) with a high sensitivity and a not-so-subtle introversion. I tend to work alone - writing poetry and songs, performing my one-woman show, running a business by myself....and as much as I love it, for a creative and emotional woman, working alone can be lonely and overwhelming.

I will never be able to change the fact that my work requires solitude, but it doesn't mean it's healthy or enjoyable for me to isolate myself. 

And it probably doesn't feel so good to you either. 

Everything I do at KAYLOcreative is aimed at helping you find the support you need on your creative journey. Whether that’s signing up for 1-on-1 sessions or working on a creative project together, getting weekly coaching and guidance from me in one of my groups, or just hanging out with me on social media - I'm here for you. And you can always feel free to reach out to me at for clarity or to get guidance on your specific situation. 

Below are the two weekly online groups that I lead. CreativeSPRING and Restore & Release: