For Girls Who Had Eating Disorders Not 'Bad Enough' For Treatment



Spoken word poem about eating disorders


Summer 2015


To Everyday Feminism and Upworthy for sharing & everyone who has commented.


During the time that I could not sing, I began to write spoken word poetry into the Notes section of my phone. A couple years of material built up before I realized that it was something I should share and perform. I started filming poetry videos in Summer 2015 around my 25th birthday. This was one of the first, most meaningful, and widely shared. I know it hits a nerve because of the comments that populate the space under it in Youtube. So many people sharing their story, their fears, their days spent crying dealing with an eating disorder. I fell that there is more to do with this project, but I am not quite sure what yet...this is an issue very close to my heart. How can we end eating disorders?