Creative Spring

- 21 Day Challenge - 

April 10th - May 1st, 2019

For those who like to read...

Let's get one thing straight. You don't need a challenge. You don't need an email course, or a freebie or a pdf download of 479 Ways to Be Ultra Super Successful.

Don't get me wrong - I've been helped by many things in this realm. Free e-books that blew my mind, podcasts that I returned to again and again, Youtube videos that led me down a wormhole into someone's course or community that was totally worth it. I've helped other people grow audiences and still make money by creating those pieces of content and I have nothing against them.

EXCEPT, they can have a downside. When you start putting everyone else's ideas about what you should be doing on a pedestal and forget to listen to your own inspiration. Your own joy. Your own desire. Your own integrity. Your truth. 

You don't need a 21 Day Challenge so I can tell you the answers. 

I solemnly swear that I don't have the.jpg

But you may desire the focus and intention of a 21 Day Challenge that helps you reconnect to the answers that are already inside of you. 

This is your Creative Spring.

Spring, like the season. The flowers and the sun and the rain and the luscious growth and color pops and freshness that have arrived these last few weeks. And spring like revolution. Rebellion. To move forth with energy out of a constrained position. Spring like emergence.

On May 3rd, a group of women are coming together online to commit to 21 Days of intention around our personal Creative Spring. I will be your facilitator, the group will be your co-conspirators in experimentation and sharing, and your own inner wisdom will be your greatest teacher. 

The challenge is broken up into 3 weeks. 

Week 1 Focus: Letting Go of Consuming. The podcasts, the social media, the video shows, the info products, the news. This week is about mindfulness around your consumption and giving yourself some silence and room to be bored.


Week 2 Focus: Joyful Creativity. Let go of the "shoulds" and reconnect to creativity that actually makes you joyful. Or approach your creativity from a joyful place. 


Week 3: Creative Rebellion. Spring forward from your self-imposed constraints and get a little rebellious! Share something that is risky for you, put a project or product out into the world, or have the courage to take yourself on an artist date that is so "not you" (but secretly, really is a part of you...)


We'll have a kickoff call on Wednesday, May 3rd at 8pm EST (you'll get a recording if you can't make it live!) and then the bulk of the experience will take place in the Private Creative Spring Pop-up Facebook Group. 


Though I will be suggesting things daily with prompts and exclusive videos, suggestions and inspirations - this challenge is what you make it. Some things I think it would be great for:

  • Taking a break from all of the information overload and get quiet with yourself.

  • Making progress on a creative or business project you've had on your mind for awhile. (Maybe even launching it within the 21 days!) 

  • Returning to a passion that you haven't given much attention to lately. 

  • Taking 21 Days to let go of all the things you think you "should" be doing and instead ask yourself, "What do I actually want to do right now/today/this year?"

  • Become more expressive on social media, experimenting with writing blog posts, doing instagram stories, Facebook Lives or something else!

  • Giving mindful attention to how much joy and ease it is possible for you to create - in your life, your business, your art and your aspirations.

  • Experimenting with your own form of creative revolution. Whatever your soul is calling you toward.


My promise to you is that I won't box you in. I won't tell you that you're wrong. I won't give you the final word on what's right. 

I'll just keep reminding you stay engaged with your own journey. To celebrate it and bless it and be irreverent with it and divinely aligned with it. 

And to be supportive of others as they engage with their own joyful, inspired, rebellious, wondrous creativity.

You in?

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<3 Kerri

This event has passed! Check out my other projects, like Returning Home, July 31st - August 14th.