Creative Contact:

Nourishment for your creative spirit

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Light a candle, grab your journal, close the door and put your phone on Do Not Disturb.

It’s time for your Creative Contact session, where a quick login to Zoom takes you to a 1-hour live sermon and healing experience that will inspire your expression and nourish your creative spirit. 


about the name:

To make "contact" means the union or junction of surfaces. With yourself, your creative spirit, your truth. When I was studying in acting school under the Meisner technique, our teacher would say again and again, "A little contact?" Shorthand for, let yourself be affected. Interact with your scene partner truthfully. Don't be scared to really look, really feel, and really respond. In Creative Contact sessions


The First Four Sermons:



Sunday, november 4th, 2pm EST:

WHAT IT MEANS TO FAIL. Dissecting limiting beliefs about failure that hold us hostage and keep us from creating.



Sunday, November 18th, 12pm EST: 

GRIEF: LETTING GO OF THE CREATIVE LIFE UN-LIVED. Processing emotions around what wasn't meant to be, or what didn't work out as planned in your past.


Sunday, December 2nd, 2pm EST: 

TRUTH: HOW HONEST CAN I GET? Diving down below "what's acceptable" in order to access, express, and (possibly) share your truth. 


Sunday, September 30th, 12pm EST:

DEVOTION: LIVING ART LIKE A PRAYER. Taking ego out of your art and committing to creativity as a form of gratitude, praise and personal and collective evolution.


About Your Facilitator

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My name is Kerri Lowe. I'm a poet, songwriter, creativity coach and Universal Health Principles™ practitioner. I help spiritually-minded women (and conscious men) heal their blocks around creative work and align with their radiance through creative practice and expression.

I was born an insatiable learner and creator - in love with all things verbal and embodiment. Acting, writing, poetry, singing, dancing - you name it, I did it! (Slightly less visual focused, but I dabble!)

I got accepted into a special arts high school in North Carolina and pursued a degree in acting at New York University. On the way, I found my gift as a singer/songwriter and poet - but my musical aspirations were cut short by illness.

When I was 22, I lost my voice and couldn't sing without pain for years. (Two years very literally, though the whole healing journey took more like 6 years - and to be honest, it still continues on even though I can now sing again without pain!) This sent me on an exploration into alternative healing, learning deeply how traumatic experiences, limiting belief systems, and stuck emotions keep us from our wholeness, harmony and radiance. 

I got certified in modalities like Narrative Practice, Transformational Monologues, and Universal Health Principles, learning how to help myself and others in their pursuit of creative, personal, spiritual fulfillment. 

To me, our creative work is how we get close to spirit. Call it God, The Universe, Innate Wisdom, or whatever you like - but I feel it as this divine pull to bring form to feelings. To bring expression to the experience of being alive in order to understand ourselves better, to heal, to inspire and transform others, and to bring about a more conscious world. 

We can only do that if we unblock our creative vessels - mind, body and spirit - and devote ourselves to creative unfolding. 

Which is why I'm starting this weekly Restore & Release sermon & session, where we meet live on Zoom to make contact with our creative spirits and process the emotions and belief systems that are holding us back from our creative expression. It will be a mix of lecture, group Universal Health Principles ™ sessions, guided meditation, and various surprises. Think of it as church for your artist.

Though only the first month of sermons is planned so far topically, my intention is that this is an ongoing monthly membership, with new topics and sessions each week based on your questions and desires. There are two ways to join:


Membership for Creative Contact includes live access to every sermon/session, plus replays for every session (including all of the backlog to watch at your convenience!), plus access to the community - a private Facebook group to connect, debrief, and be witnessed in your creative journey. 

Membership is for you if you are looking for continued support in your creative unfolding from myself and like-minded peers. The more I see and know you (on the calls and in the FB group) the deeper our connection and community will be. 


Sign up now. $35/month. Cancel anytime. No refunds. ($35 rate is limited to the first round of sign ups and the price will increase after Friday, 8/17.


In the spirit of church, you do not have to be a member to attend the sermons/session. Drop in sessions are always $10. They're great if you can only occasionally make it, are simply curious or interested in one particular topic, or if you were invited by one of our members and want to try it out before joining. You will receive access to the call and a link to the replay (the link expires after 7 days for drop ins). 


Schedule Notes

1) I'm starting on this alternating 2pm EST and 12pm EST time schedule. I am open to shifting this, but I feel it will be best for both the Californians and the Europeans!  I'll get a sense from the group and decide on either a set time each week, an alternating time, or to keep it varied like in the first month. 

We will be off for September 9th because I will be on vacation in Italy (yay!). Generally speaking, we will meet 4 Sundays a month. Whenever there is a 5th Sunday in a month, I will take off for vacation. September has 5 Sundays so this works out!

Important: You do not have to attend the calls live to receive the benefits. Because this program is lecture/session style, it is not essential to be there live. You will hear what you need to hear and be able to participate in the healing session by watching the replay.  My intention is to send the replay out as soon as possible after we're done, (recording and processing the upload can take 90 minutes sometimes) but my goal is to have it to you within 2 hours of the session ending, so you can do the session that Sunday evening if you are free and start the week feeling creatively nourished! I can't guarantee the recording within 2 hours, but absolutely within 24 and I will do my best!