What holds you back from creative expression?

I surveyed women I've worked with a few weeks ago on what holds them back creatively. Here were the top 3 obstacles. 

#1: "I don't have enough time with my other work/responsibilities."

#2: "I'm not sure I have anything important to say."

#3: "I have trouble finishing what I start."

Then, I made a video to address each of these obstacles. Watch the intro video and each of them, or skip to the video about the obstacle that most affects you. They're all below!

If you'd like support in any of these areas, check out my online support group & exploration lab for creative women, "Creative Spring" here.

Intro Video

Obstacle #1: "I don't have enough time with my other work/responsibilities."

Challenge: Do a 5-minute free write today on "What does my creativity need from me?"

Then, set aside some time this week (put it in your calendar!) to show up for your creativity.

Obstacle #2: "I'm not sure I have anything important to say."


Start your Passions and Obsessions list.

Choose something to write about for 20 minutes. (Maybe even when you scheduled your creative time in video #1?)

If you can't think of any passion or obsession (give me a break!) choose one of these prompts..

The First Time / After Dinner / 2002 / 1993 / My Next Appointment / My Mother

Obstacle #3: "I have trouble finishing what I start."

Challenge: Think about or do a free write on both of the aspects brought up in the video. 

1) Is there an outside deadline I could set for myself that feels motivating?

2) Is my project the right-size for the amount of support I have? Does it feel right (like relief/excitement) to make my project smaller, or to increase my support?

Bonus - Free write on: How would it feel to have support that helps me consistently complete my projects?

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