I help people complete personal projects that help them tell the story of what they do. I work with people producing projects online to help fuel their business, which, is also their life's mission (or at least quite meaningful). Often this means helping people produce a website, a course, a book, or a podcast.

People have called me "their website doula" and "creative midwife" - which I love! I give support, advice and help to people working on creative + strategic projects.

That might mean consulting on strategy, asking the right questions to reveal what the heart of the project really is and how to communicate that, creating an action plan, setting up email funnels and web pages, thinking through a social media strategy or other way to share what you're up to, interviewing you to create an amazing about page, or something else. Each project is unique, with me going back and forth between the big picture and the tiny details to help you produce something that is personally meaningful and universally compelling because it comes from a real place, not just the need to "release content."

If you'd like to talk about your project and find out if we're a good fit for working together, fill out the contact form below. My availability is quite limited, so mostly I am able to take on short-term consulting work. I will also be leading a small group of women in an online coaching program called GUMPTION Catalyst Circle this fall. Click here or contact me to find out more!

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Universal Health Principles™ Trainee, 2017 - 2019

Certificate in Narrative Practice, 2016                    

Operation Cops and Kids Facilitator, 2015 - present

Produce Your Own Work with Molly Pearson, 2014

StoryHealers International Facilitator, 2014

BFA Acting, NYU 2011

North Carolina School of the Arts Drama Program, 2008

Linda Bonadies