Befriend Your Body

Transforming the most important relationship you'll ever have - the one with yourself.  

An introductory evening of Universal Health Principles™




How do you feel about your body?

Do you like it? Despise it? Just tolerate it?

Does it feel more like your enemy....or your friend?

Before I found the healing modality I now practice, (Universal Health Principles™) I was always at war with my body.

I wished it would be different in appearance, (I cringed at wearing sleeveless tops and avoided it more often than not) in how it felt, (whyyyy am I in pain so much??) and feeling out of control with my eating (mostly, compulsively overeating to avoid my feelings).

Those are thought patterns that I don't experience anymore. 

I've been on the journey to body acceptance for a long time. Yoga and exercise, "healthy" eating after not eating enough, intuitive eating, reading books like The Beauty Myth, and confronting my culturally ingrained disdain for all things feminine in my writing, but the thing I found that helped me the most was befriending my body through a practice called Universal Health Principles™.


Universal Health Principles™

Universal Health Principles (UHP for short) uses words and imagery to transform how you see your body. By fostering awareness, communication and deep processing around emotions, body parts, organs, and your energy system, you are magically freed up to step into a more integrated, confident, whole version of yourself. One that doesn't cut yourself into "good" and "bad" parts, but recognizes the wisdom and value in every aspect of yourself that makes you, you. 

"UHP is difficult to describe but elemental to experience. Usually cathartic, always clarifying, my sessions with Kerri have had an almost magical effect -- one of unifying mind, body, and spirit; developing trust in intuition; and imagining and actualizing a free, un-fearful expression of self. Kerri acts as both guide and witness, creating safe space for catharsis and growth. This practice is a wonder."  – Michaela Morton, Actor/Real Estate Agent

Michaela is right! The practice is hard to's something to EXPERIENCE. Which is why I'm hosting this free workshop, so you can get an introduction to the process and begin to see the radical shifts that can happen when you befriend your body.


On Wednesday, August 29th at 8pm EST, we will gather online on Zoom (an easy to use, private video platform). I will lead a 60-minute group UHP session. You can sit in a comfortable spot, or lie down, whatever feels good to you. I'll be tuning into the group to see where communication is ready to improve in our bodies. Once we've seen what we need to see, we will tap over head and heart to integrate the changes into your system. 

There will also be opportunities to share what you'd like to shift and any reactions, if you like, via chat or speaking on video.

If you know that there's room for more ease, love and friendship in your relationship to your body, please take a chance on this work! It changed my life and want everyone to be able to experience it! If you can't make it live, I will send you a video replay.

Register here. FREE. Workshop is limited to 25 participants.



Ready to see what UHP can do for you?

Register here. Workshop is limited to 25.

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