"When a woman tells the truth she is creating the possibility for more truth around her."            

- Adrienne Rich

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My name is Kerri Lowe, some people know me as KAYLO.

I work at the intersection of creativity and healing.


That wasn't always my plan. When I was a teenager, my dream was to be an actress in Very Serious & Important Dramas on Broadway. That, or start the next Group Theatre (an unparalleled theatre collective from the 1930s that contained the people who would become the most revered American acting teachers). 

I didn't dream small. 

I moved to New York City with a suitcase and a brand new guitar...and in the middle of acting school discovered a new passion - songwriting. 

I began playing my original music in Washington Square Park and the subway stations, feeling like I had found "my thing." 

Fast forward a few years and I'm about to release my first record. Instead, a couple months before, I lose my voice. I can't sing, and sometimes even speak, without pain. 

And I'm not sure why.

The doctors tell me it's acid reflux, and I tell them that makes sense because I've been on and off bulimic for years. Still, it seems strange that it would start affecting my voice now, and not ever before.

First, my life fell apart. I didn't know what to do, where to go. I got a job in a Brooklyn coffeeshop, discouraged and scared.

Looking back now, this turn of events is what led me from the path of the artist, the actor, the troubadour...to the path of healing. And eventually, integrating the two practices.

One by one, teachers started to appear in my path. A vocal coach who turned me onto non-Western medicine (and eating a lot more vegetables!)

A therapist who in just one free session helped me make the connection between the timing of my sexual assault and losing my voice (it wasn't just the bulimia after all...)

A solo performance coach who helped me turn my story into a one woman show (The Only Thing You'll Lose) that facilitated healing my voice and being able to sing again for the first time. 

I continued to dive deeper into the world of healing through non-medical means, using storytelling, creative projects, spoken word poetry, understanding my nature as a highly-sensitive person and living by my innate human design. I also became certified in a modality called Universal Health Principles that I have found helps re-wire the brain in a way that reduces anxiety, depression and negative self-talk and reduces unconscious tension in the body. 

Now, I lead a weekly group Universal Health Principles session online called Restore & Release and work one-on-one with clients embarking on a creative healing journey. I also release my own artistic work, primarily in poetry and song and co-founded ArtistCEO.



To express my experience of life authentically and help others do the same. To speak up when I have been trained to be silent, to take risks when I have been told to play it safe, to build a solid foundation of discipline and systems that support the creative life my clients and I aspire to. To find the grain of sand in everything, that irritating itch that makes us pursue questions and projects that make the journey of being alive worthwhile.

To come clean, cause the cleaner I get is the messiest yet. 

be your own muse.