I help spiritually-minded, ambitious women release their limitations, value their unique creative expression and live lives of magic, learning, joy & FUN.

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My name is Kerri Lowe, some people know me as KAYLO, which is an acronym that stands for Keep All Young Loves Open.

I took on the moniker KAYLO a few years after experiencing a health crisis that stopped my creative career in it’s tracks. At 22, without warning, I was a singer/songwriter who couldn’t sing without pain (for reasons that weren’t just physical, but emotional, mental and energetic, though I didn’t realize it at the time.)

My predicament sent me on a creative healing journey that led me through performing my one-woman show, learning how to facilitate transformational storytelling with others, finding my spiritual practice, becoming a spoken word poet on Youtube, learning an energetic healing modality called UHP, starting a podcast (or two!) developing a chakra-based embodiment practice called GUMPTION, and leading other women to complete their creative projects with ease and power.

Oh, and yeah, healing my voice on the way :)

(I’m recording my next album soon!)

I think the best way to get to know me and my work is by listening to my podcast, The KAYLO Show (coming January 2019). The next best way would be to follow me on social - Instagram & FB are my faves. The last way would be to check out my private coaching and reach out to set up an intro call if it feels right!



To express my experience of life authentically and help others do the same. To speak up when I have been trained to be silent, to take risks when I have been told to play it safe, to build a life that feels easy, fun, magical and ever-expanding. To find the grain of sand in everything, that irritating itch that makes us pursue questions and projects that make the journey of being alive worthwhile.

To come clean, cause the cleaner I get is the messiest (and most joyful) yet. 

be your own muse.