You are a creative soul in an infinitely intelligent body.

(And I am too.)

My name is Kerri Lowe, I'm the founder of KAYLOcreative. 

I help spiritually-minded, ambitious women access the wisdom of their bodies so they can take bold, aligned action on the creations of their dreams.  Whether that means crafting and performing a one-woman show, making a podcast, or finally getting on camera to fuel your business, I help you become a vessel for the work you know you are meant to bring into the world. 

My approach is holistic. When I help a woman complete a big creative project, it's not just about getting the technical aspects right, it's also about the journey of claiming her voice, being willing to be visible, getting clarity on her purpose and learning how to tell her story.

With a background in theatre, writing and performance, a decade of experience in content marketing production and strategy, and a personal healing evolution and practice that integrates embodiment and consciousness, I consider myself a creative midwife interested in nothing less than the evolution of your soul.

I work on projects both artistic and business-focused, and consider personal integrity, joy, and harmony the most important indicators of success (earth dollars are good too - but not without the rest). 

I do my work through two coaching groups, one for creative support & exploration, the other in partnership with Tanya Taylor Rubinstein. I work with a couple select clients in an ongoing basis and have room to midwife one-two additional projects per quarter. Learn more on the Work Together page. 

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Wholeness - harmony - radiance