"When a woman tells the truth, she is creating the possibility for more truth around her."

- Adrienne Rich

I am a storyteller that grew up in the age of the internet. (AKA, I make "content" & help other women get the confidence & clarity to create their own content.) 


As the unlikely combination of an insatiable learner and a creative rebel, I've been creating my own personal projects for almost two decades. (Basically ever since I learned that as long as I was enthusiastic and determined, I could convince my teachers to let me do just about anything and still make straight A's...) I started a television show in middle school, made campy horror films and music videos in high school, directed plays, choreographed dances and generally put my fingerprints everywhere I could.

Being creative in school is one thing, but being creative as a working adult running your own business is an entirely different story. No one is going to give you an "A" for your work (and let's face it, who still wants an "A"? Personally, I'm a lot more focused on manifesting my dream property to host creative retreats at in Vermont.)

You want recognition. You want to build an audience. You want to book more clients and raise your rates. You want to complete your creative projects and have them fuel your work and spirit. You want to move from being the person who does all the work behind the scenes, to the person who is known and respected and appreciated deeply for their guidance, support and creations. You want to feel good about the content you are putting out into the world and you want it to bring your perfect people to you for years to come.

Through trial & error, 10,000 hours of study, 30+ Moleskine notebooks, a boatload of soul-searching and a tiny voice of intuition that told me to follow the word "gumption" - I've come up with a framework that helps you test quickly and easily if a content or creative project idea is resonating with your whole self.

It is a more intuitive approach to content strategy that I have found leads to more fulfilling and flowy work, more positive energy around "marketing" yourself and creates more meaningful relationships that will fuel your life and career for years to come. 

It's called The GUMPTION Test and it is very close to my soul. I followed it's trail for 5 years before understanding what it meant. And then - click! It all came together like a puzzle, ready to be used immediately in the service of women who are brave enough to put their stories and voices, skills and talents into the world through their creations - business, artistic and otherwise.

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