"When a woman tells the truth, she is creating the possibility for more truth around her."

- Adrienne Rich

I am a storyteller that grew up in the age of the internet. 



For as long as I can remember I've been the unlikely, (but pretty badass) combination of a teacher's pet and a creative rebel.

This means, I am both an insatiable learner and a Do-It-Yourself-er. I'm a sponge for knowledge, but my filter is truth. If something doesn't resonate deeply in my body (and if it doesn't feel good to think about or explore) - it's not my path to follow, it's not my project to create.

I didn't always understand this distinction, but now, I've lived and worked and created enough to be discerning: If you want to change the world with your voice and your creations - they must come out of embodied truth.

Embodied truth is enthusiastic, playful, grounded, inspiring, purposeful and aligned with growth. It is a deep inner knowing that is unique to each individual. You have it. You can find it. You can create from it.

The only reason it's hard is that it isn't what our Western culture teaches.

Our culture is fixated on intellectualism and "figuring it out" - logic and discipline, taking action, whether it's in integrity or not. 

We dismiss intuition and radiance, nurturing and flow. The wisdom of the body, as opposed to the mind. And if it's a female body, forget it! We shame it into silence.

Isn't it time to reclaim our intuition? Our freedom? Our truth?


I live my life in personal creative projects that speak to my soul and transform the lives of others - I run my business helping other women produce projects that feed their soul, expand their audience, deepen connections and grow their careers and businesses in ways that are aligned with their deepest truth. I call it "embodied content."

Through trial & error, 10,000 hours of study, 30+ Moleskine notebooks, a boatload of soul-searching and a tiny voice of intuition that told me to follow the word "gumption" - I've come up with a framework that helps you test quickly and easily if a content or creative project idea is resonating with your whole self.

It is a more intuitive approach to content strategy that I have found leads to more fulfilling and flowy work, more positive energy around "marketing" yourself and creates more meaningful relationships that will fuel your life and career for years to come. 

It's called The GUMPTION Test and it is very close to my soul. I followed it's trail for 5 years before understanding what it meant. And then - click! It all came together like a puzzle, ready to be used immediately in the service of women who are brave enough to put their stories and voices, skills and talents into the world through their creations - business, artistic and otherwise.

I want women to have this framework and use it to increase their flow and success - but I also want to know who has it. The more connected I am to this community, the more connections can be made between us. So if you would like to receive a recording of The GUMPTION Test Webinar I am creating about this process, fill out the short form below. You'll be signed up for my mailing list (unsubscribe at any time) where I continue to share the lessons I'm learning as I create for myself and my clients. 

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