You are a creative soul in an infinitely intelligent body -

(and I am too).


My name is Kerri Lowe, some people know me as KAYLO.

I'm the GUMPTION Coach. 

I help women become the writers, performers, creators and leaders they were meant to be through the power of GUMPTION.

So what is GUMPTION?

Well, gumption is: "spirited initiative and resourcefulness, boldness of enterprise, courage, spunk, guts, common sense."

And GUMPTION is a framework I developed that teaches you how to get out of your head and into your wholeness, so you can take aligned action that feels grounded, bold and guided by the infinite intelligence of your mind, heart, gut and voice working in harmony. 

Because when we make decisions solely from our brain, we often get it wrong.

In the course of my creating (from poetry videos to information products) I've seen so many women (and myself) go after the things they think they "should" do, or would be "smart" to do - but eventually, it falls apart. 

Either you never get started on that brilliant idea you had and feel guilty, or you do follow through on the idea only to eventually lose interest and quit because you weren't getting the feedback you wanted or something about it "just wasn't right after all."

After years and years of launching projects of all kinds, I wondered what the difference was between the ones that worked and the ones that didn't?

The answer was in Holism. 

The bigger picture. The thing that happens when a project goes from "good idea" to true alignment with self & soul. When your commitment goes from "I need a quick solution" to "I am devoted to this with my whole being." When your energy goes from half-hearted to unstoppable force that can maneuver around any challenge. 


Each letter of GUMPTION corresponds with a word that represents both an embodiment practice and a set of questions that can help you determine if a project is resonating with your whole self - or not.

G for Grounded

U for Up

M for Muscle

P for Play, and Pleasure

T for Truth

I for Inspiration

O for Om

N for Now


When you can connect to and embody each of these words, you are what I call a GUMPTION Goddess - a women glowing in her personal power and creative force.

Isn't it time that you learned how to work with your body in the pursuit of your creative and career goals rather than ignoring it? (Or just as common, working against it?)

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Dear sister,

I have been wanting to write to you all my life.

Since I was a kid, even, when I would sit in the willow tree in our next door neighbor’s yard, either when they were out of town or later, when they left before we did. Their house, second to last at the end of our dead end road, was also bought out by the state to put a bigger road through.

They left about a year before we did, and so I had some time to enjoy peace in their willow tree without their little dog yipping at me to get off the property. And there, my little body nestled between the big branches, I would speak to you.

I would sit in the willow tree and speak to you, narrating my life, some, but also just talking. Telling you about the wisdom hidden in the bark, fancying myself a white Pocahontas with a coloring pad and jean shorts overalls so close to the wise grandmother of nature. I would speak to you then, and I would speak to you later, in adolescence, in another tree. This one less private, by the swings in a condominium complex, but silent enough, and I would cry for all that was wrong with me and confess until I had exhausted myself, or felt resolved. 

I am a writer who has never stayed true to form. From songs, to poems (some for speaking, some for reading) to blog posts and tips and tricks, podcasts and theatre scripts, I am constantly changing. And yet I’ve yearned to have some sort of consistency, a conversation between you and me that can span my life.

Not a “Dear Diary” – I am much too exhibitionistic and motivated by the response of others to keep such a conversation completely to myself. I don’t give the world everything, but I give it a lot. Particularly my shame, because I have found that when I hand over my shame, when I tell a story about it to strangers, I lose it. Poof. What once plagued me feels less lonely. What once trapped and silenced me, I have contained.

So I write and I speak and I carouse around stage and the internet speaking the unspeakable in service of my own freedom. And if it helps someone else feel free – all the better.

And still I am a quiet soul – I do not need to be a rock star, (though I once thought it was my destiny) I just need a quiet room of listeners to stay pin-drop silent while I am with them, sharing something real.

And so this, this letter, this missive I am writing on the journey to wholeness, harmony and radiance, those three words that Joyce once said a philosopher said were the ingredients of Beauty.

Well, it’s what I’m after.

Exquisite, pulsing, glorious beauty in it’s rawest sense, unpackaged for mass market and glowing like a well-loved newborn tasting a peach.

“I want uninterrupted rapture,” Jack Kerouac once wrote, captured in his collected diaries that I loved so much when I was seventeen and thought, “Me too! Me too.”

Powerful presence in every moment, absorbed in the realness and simultaneously transcending it somehow, rapturing in the ride.

I used to think my human body was a detriment to this pursuit, always getting in the way with it’s aches and pains and imperfections. It’s too-muchness, it’s dressing room sobs and desire to consume more than it could contain. I was at war with form, forgetting – or perhaps, never having been initiated in the art of joyful embodiment.

The sensation of the breath moving in and out, the tiny pause in-between, the hairs standing on end, the breeze wicking sweat off the neck, softness and strength. Heart beating to fuel intense movement and bowel releasing to let go of what is not a part of me and vagina opening to a most-welcome visitor and giggles erupting quite spontaneously and the beautiful delight of lying there in bed and appreciating every piece of the orchestra my body had been conducting without me all along. The cell division and the toxin cleanse, the ovulation and the absorption of nutrients, the oxytocin that led me to knowing what is good-good and the sugar crash reminding me that slow and steady wins the race. Everything my body had been doing for my benefit, while I criticized and resented and punished it for appearing differently than what the magazines had flaunted.

No longer separating body parts like a mannequin on display, I am on my way to wholeness, harmony, radiance. I know I am on my way and I want to tell you about it. I want to take you with me through my words and ask that you meet me where I am, each am that I am.

I have been speaking to you all my life in one way or another and now, now I want it captured. I don’t want these thoughts to disappear into the night sky of a condominium complex or the branches of my neighbor’s willow tree, I want them here for people to see. To witness this journey. Not for any reason. I don’t know what it will mean. But I know that reading the innermost quest of others has meant something to me. I know that I’ve been given some kind of expressive gift, alongside time – and among all the other active things I do day-to-day – like teaching and editing audio and instagramming and consulting and making money – well, I have time for this too. This inner journey, made visible.

And so I write. And speak. And I hope you will hear me, but even if you don’t, I’m claiming the correspondence. I’m claiming where I’m going.

Wholeness – Harmony – Radiance.



be your own muse.