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"If I can't sing, I will speak. If I can't speak, I will dance. 

If I can't dance, I will look you in the eyes and you will know why we are here."


I wrote those words in a flurry on my whiteboard, a spontaneous invocation of strength as I contemplated surviving a future in which I would be unable to sing without pain. They were words that replaced the list of songs that had lived on that whiteboard for months as I practiced guitar in preparation for recording my first full-length album called, The Truth.

The combination of years of bulimia and a sexual assault that I kept quiet about left me without a voice - when my voice was the only thing that mattered to me. Thus commenced a healing journey that, six years later, I wouldn't trade for anything. 

A journey wild and heart-breaking and magical - and one that has led me to become the artist, writer - and yes, singer, I am well as a creative and healing mentor for others. Learn more about my work below.

Be your own muse.