You are a creative soul in an infinitely intelligent body.

Are you living it?

My name is Kerri Lowe. As an artist, I’m a singer/songwriter, poet, podcaster and storyteller.

As a human, I’m a truth-seeker, mystic, wife, and New Yorker by way of North Carolina.

As a coach and healing facilitator, I help creative women release their limitations (around body, success and self-worth), value their unique expression (and actually put it out into the world) and experience a lot more FUN, PEACE and SOUL JOY while doing it.

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My sessions and programs help get you back into gear when you’re feeling stuck, learn how to work with your body rather than against it (the female body was BUILT for creation but no one teaches you how to use it!), and upgrade your brain to be more flowing, receptive, inspired and easy going, allowing you to live in a state of creative ease more often than not. I also teach you how to have the GUMPTION to go after what you want (and how to use your body + energy centers to help you get clear on what that is)!

Some of the creations you might want to bring forth? Autobiographical stories via solo performance, essays, or memoir. A business that lights you up, shares your gifts and allows you to have time + energy for your art. Content like podcasts, video shows or social media expressions that allow you to be YOU and connect to your people.

And along the way? Healing whatever self-limiting beliefs, fears, or doubts about your worth that are currently holding you back. PLUS any funky stuff hanging out in your energy field.

I work in person at my home studio in Crown Heights and online over Zoom video. Find out more below.

Be Your Own Muse.