“When a woman tells the truth, she creates the space for more truth around her.”

- Adrienne Rich

My name is Kerri Lowe. As an artist, I’m a singer/songwriter, poet, and storyteller.

As a facilitator, I’m a creativity coach and healing arts practitioner.

As a human, I’m a truth-seeker, mystic, wife, and New Yorker by way of North Carolina. A precocious child who took the long way around when she chose art & entrepreneurship over academia.

Kerri headshot.jpg

I help women heal in order to create // and create in order to heal.

Some of the creations? Autobiographical stories of the soul in various forms - solo performance, podcast, memoir.

Some of the healing? Finally standing up for themselves and owning their truth. Learning how to work from a pleasure-fueled discipline rather than a self-flagellating one. Letting go of being the victim and stepping into the embodied leadership of the storyteller, the heroine, the elder.

I work in person and online privately and in groups, on Fridays on the Lower East Side, and in my home studio in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. Find out more below.

Be your own muse.